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History of Quantum Rage

Created from persistance, ingenuity and brotherhood.


How did it all start ?

For me, the Clash of Clans journey really started when I joined my first top 50 ( at the time ) clan called Highlanders. Met a few players on there, all of whom have unfortunately since retired from the game. After a few months, the clan imploded and lost about 5 members, including myself and a few of us were taken in by a top 3 clan called Canadian Rage. The player that took us in was ‘dirty wombat 22’.

Canadian Rage at the time was run by ‘stink finger’ ( yeah, I know, awesome name! ) And the clan was predominantly made up of Canadians who were the top players of CoC at the start. This was where things heated up and we were really geared up for pushing in CoC.  

After a brief battle with clans the likes of Bonbee Canada and North44, Canadian Rage started slipping. The inevitable happened and Canadian Rage merged with Canada to make ‘United We Rage’. The new clan was high in trophies but the players were at the time a little inactive. The usual riding on shields etc. So a few of us broke off and formed the clan Quantum. It was from here where everything Quantum you see today started.

The main players included Godsend, John, Dylanmac, Austin and Kengor. It seems quite amazing how these 5 players drove themselves into wanting to make the best clan in CoC. Within a week, Quantum had risen from ranked 10,000 to 500. Within the next week, Quantum had reached top 50. The surge was very much alive and Quantum had hit 17 a few days later.

It was then, a fine Australian player by the name of R 2 the J, the leader of United we Rage (UWR) came knocking on our Kik doors asking us whether we would be interested in merging to form a super clan. UWR was slipping at the time and the clan needed an injection of enthusiasm and new blood, Quantum on the other hand was rising at an astounding rate of knots. In the end, the chance the make a truly dominant super clan was too good to pass by and everyone in Quantum agreed to merge with United We Rage to form the clan Quantum Rage.

Quantum Rage continued to be a dominant force for the next 7-8 months. I myself retired as soon as Quantum Rage hit top spot as it felt like job done and the guys were running it very nicely at the time. However, 1 by 1, the original founders retired too and soon it was left to the last man R 2 the J to hand the clan over.

The clan was given to Sub30 and Piepipper. R 2 the J, Godsend, Dylanmac, John, Austin and myself had finally retired. Unfortunately, after a week or so had passed and Quantum Rage decided in a merge with Web to make the clan as we all know today called Quantum’s Web ( Quantums Web ). A few days after, Quantum Rage was stripped of all its members and finally dissolved. The once powerful clan was no more.

However, word got to me that Quantum Rage had been dissolved and like a lifeless Prime rusting in the ground, Quantum Rage rose as though an injection of energon had been passed through. This was when I began the rebirth of Quantum Rage and with the band of new members, vow to keep the Quantum Rage legacy alive and flying.

Nowadays, Quantum Rage is run by the new dynamic warriors of the clan.

Quantum Rage as we speak are not related to Quantum’s Web or any of its subclans and remains its own collective.

Quantum’s Web ( Quantums Web ) continues to be a very successful clan and have spawned many offshoots along the way, these include Quantum’s Force (Quantums Force), Quantum’s Rage (Quantums Rage), Quantum’s Fury (Quantums Fury), Quantum’s Rush (Quantums Rush), Quantum’s Den (Quantums Den). Quantum’s Rest (Quantums Rest), Quantum United, Quantum’s Arab (Quantums Arab) and Quantum’s 九州春秋 ( Quantums 九州春秋 ). You may also find these clan names migrated onto Samurai Seige as well.