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Welcome to Quantum

The clan that started everything Quantum you see is back and ready to rumble again.


What’s Quantum Rage all about?

The Quantum clan was initially an offshoot of players from Canadian Rage / United we Rage. Fuelled by the desire to make an impact in the world of Clash of Clans, 5 players got together and created one of the most important clans in the history of CoC.

These 5 players include, Austin, DylanMac, Godsent, John and Kengor.

4 of the players have returned and have now revived the once powerful clan in order to take it into a new era. Afterall, without Quantum, you would not have the likes of Quantum Rage or Quantum’s Web.

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Together with their new friends and allies to the family, Quantum again is rising to the challenge and is already quite a force to be reckoned with.

Based upon a strong clan ethos, it is drilled within its members that you must all fight for each other. The members are commonly seen donating troops to others before attacking themselves.

Tethered together are activity, attitude and aspiration, you pretty much have Quantum summed up in a nutshell.

Want to be part of the Quantum family?

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Quantum Rage is it’s own set of clans and is not associated with Quantum’s Web (Quantums Web), which include Quantum’s Force ( Quantums Force ), Quantum’s Fury ( Quantums Fury ), Quantum’s Chill ( Quantums Chill ), Quantum’s Chaos ( Quantums Chaos ) & Quantum’s Rage ( Quantums Rage ) in Clash of Clans.

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